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Catherine incorporates the modalities of Resource Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Gestalt Therapy with Counselling and psychology skills providing a firm base to uncover what is the initial foundations of any concerns. Once understood, healing and change can occur bringing the client the satisfaction they are looking for.

Resource Therapy explores all the parts of the personality ensuring these parts are happy and healthy and working with each other and not against.

Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious “ego” mind to access the subconscious through a process of relaxation and suggestion.

These therapies can help a range of emotional and behavioural issues including; though not limited to......... Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Sleep, Addictions, Phobias and Fears, Depression ,PTSD, Obsessive Compulsory Disorder, Eating disorders, Grief and Loss, Performance, Relationship problems, Conflict resolution; both internally and externally, Confidence and Self Esteem, Motivation, Unwanted behaviours.

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" Thank you Cathy for making my son Noah who is only six how to enjoy day to day activities without worrying about what he is going to worry about next.  He now wakes up with a huge smile on his face and finds school days less of a challenge, also you have taught him how to deal with his feelings and what they mean. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Little boys can the challenging."  Jo L-S.

"I've got to say I was astounded at how quick I noticed a 'shift' in my thought pattern after attending a session with Cathy. I highly recommend, all you have to lose is what weighs us down and what you gain is immeasurable peace within yourself. Thank you." L.D.

"Cathy is so calm and lovely and her skills are impressive. I really leave feeling calm and clear after each session.
Thank you Cathy." Jules J.

"Hi, my name is Dianne, I have to admit that I was always a little skeptical about hypnotherapy! But I've known Cathy for more than ten years, so when she said she would be doing hypnotherapy I actually asked her if she could help me. I had some issues that I wasn't sure how to cope with.  Cathy was so good in helping me face my issues and gave me tools to deal with when I was confronted with them.  I can say without a doubt that Cathy is very professional, caring and gentle. I can highly recommend Cathy to anyone needing help." Dianne.